Free clipboard portable software

Clipboard portable software


Manipulate Mac OS clipboard

Manipulate Mac OS clipboard 1.2

Manipulate Mac OS clipboard script is a clipboard manipulation module that demonstrates some simple use of Carbon API This script is a clipboard manipulation module that demonstrates some simple use of Carbon API It can double as a Unix-style command-line tool that prints the clipboard ... [...]
Clipboard Copy script

Clipboard Copy script

Clipboard Copy script will copy a designated portion of text into the Windows clipboard using a small Macromedia Flash file There are many scripts for copying text from a Web page that work fine in MS Internet Explorer but not in Firefox Netscape or Opera ... [...]
ECO (Easy Clipboard Organizer) Portable

ECO (Easy Clipboard Organizer) Portable 0.1.6 Beta

ECO is an open extendable multiplatform and eye-candy clipboard manager Using this application and its extensions you will be able to br br ul li view and manage clipboard contents li li select a fragment of the screen and paste it as an image or ... [...]
Copy Clipboard

Copy Clipboard

Copy Clipboard Script copies a table or a text to the clipboard This script copies a table or a text to the clipboard After this you can use the normal paste function in any program Most common use of the script transfer data from web ... [...]
Portable Clipboard Help+Spell

Portable Clipboard Help+Spell 2.42.0

Portable Clipboard Help Spell is a handy application that was designed in order to provide you with a means of managing text clips and clipboard items on the go br br You can create notes sort the text items and even check the spelling for ... [...]
Clipboard Genie

Clipboard Genie 4.1

Clipboard Genie is a very useful utility Everything that is copied into Windows Clipboard is saved into Clipboard Genie Text and Graphics To retrieve it simply click on the text or graphic in the list box It is copied to the Windows Clipboard where you ... [...]


pnm - Read and write portable pixelmaps portable graymaps and portable bitmaps This is a collection of programs for reading and writing portable pixelmaps portable graymaps and portable bitmaps Ascii plain and binary raw encodings are supported for both reading and writing Requirements MATLAB Release ... [...]
Portable Save Clipboard Here

Portable Save Clipboard Here 1.1

Portable Save Clipboard Here is a simple yet useful tool that can be used for quickly copying images or the content of plain text files to the clipboard and convert them to other formats without requiring third party applications br br Images can be copied ... [...]
Clipboard Images

Clipboard Images 0.3

p By default to insert an image inside a WordPress site the user had to manually upload the file first on the FTP and then embed it in the content of his page A long and sometimes boring process for image-heavy sites br br Clipboard ... [...]
Clipboard content display

Clipboard content display

Clipboard content display JavaScript will display your visitors clipboard content text only This JavaScript will display your visitors clipboard content text only to them in an alert box This script works only in Internet Explorer browsers br br The script is very easy to install ... [...]

ZeroClipboard 2.1.6

p ZeroClipboard is an indispensable tool for UX User eXperience designers br br It is perfect for automating the copy text process and tying it to a specific UI element or action like a button off-focus event mouse click etc br br Documentation is included ... [...]
Javascript Copy To Clipboard

Javascript Copy To Clipboard

Javascript Copy To Clipboard allows you to place a string into clipboard This script is pretty self explanatory Pass a string to the copyToClipboard function and it will be placed into the clipboard so you can paste it into other programs ... [...]
Clipboard Box

Clipboard Box 5.0.5

Clipboard Box improves the functionality of your Windows by adding clipboard functions You can perform routine copying and pasting operations in lesser time and more efficiently than before The productivity can be enhanced by adding one hundred clips instead of one like in Windows This ... [...]
Windows clipboard viewer

Windows clipboard viewer 1.0

Windows clipboard viewer script allows you to view the clipboard in Windows This script allows you to view the clipboard in Windows With the SetClipboardViewer function you can add a window to the chain of clipboard viewers Whenever the content of the clipboard changes a ... [...]
Instant Clipboard

Instant Clipboard 2.10

Instant Clipboard is an extension to the standard Windows clipboard It has a unique user interface which allows you to copy and paste directly to from the extended clipboard environment In addition to the standard Windows clipboard CTRL C CTRL V you can now use ... [...]
Portable Menu

Portable Menu

Portable Menu script generates a menu that will move as the visitor scrolls the page As the visitors scroll up and down your site the menu moves up and down with them The only concern when adding this to your site is to make sure ... [...]
Clipboard Helper

Clipboard Helper 2

Work smart Forget repetitive copy paste tasks Clipboard Helper enhances the Windows clipboard It will put together all text fragments that you have copied to clipboard and will save them in a single file Increases productivity with at least Clipboard Helper enhances the Windows clipboard ... [...]
Sony PlayStation Portable

Sony PlayStation Portable 3.11

Firmware Update br br - Extended support for Playstation Network titles br - Added Restart Game function for Playstation Netwotrk games br br ... [...]
Clipboard Magic

Clipboard Magic

Clipboard Magic is a Windows clipboard enhancement utility This clipboard extender can dramatically enhance your productivity when cutting and pasting text or when filling in repetitive web forms Any text copied to the Windows clipboard is automatically archived in Clipboard Magic This text may be ... [...]
Spartan Portable Multi Clipboard

Spartan Portable Multi Clipboard 8.17

Have you ever needed information on one computer that you have on another Forget transferring files Spartan is a multi clipboard that runs entirely from a plug in flash drive Plug into one PC and copy Plug into another and paste It s that easy ... [...]
Clipboard Recorder

Clipboard Recorder 4.0.3

Clipboard Recorder improves your productivity by extending the windows clipboard functionalities It works alongside the regular Windows Clipboard and records every piece of data both text and graphics that you cut or copy Works seamlessly with Microsoft Office and other applications Supports a variety of ... [...]
Network Clipboard and Viewer

Network Clipboard and Viewer

Auto-send - bit Secure - Clip Viewer view your clipboard content save images to BMP JPG GIF formats with several options saves text content to file send text content to keyboard to emulate keystrokes i e saves time when have to enter long codes etc ... [...]

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